Friday, November 18, 2011

Best Cheesesteak in Philly, Really....

This will be a short review. I moved to Philadelphia in 2005 and shortly thereafter had friends visit from northern Jersey and we made a long weekend out of casing and reviewing the usual suspects of Philly Cheesesteak-ness. Pats and Genos on Passyunk, Steves Prince of Steaks in the Northeast, Jims Steaks on South Street. Slacks, Tony Lukes, blah blah blah. Steve's Prince of Steaks is the best among the big name places above. Pat's and Geno's are tourist traps and both BLOW. The rest are middle of the road.

I worked down by the airport in Sharon Hill up until 2008. It turns out the absolute BEST cheesesteak was right around the corner from my office. Leo's Steaks on Chester Pike in Folcroft PA. If you are in the area and are looking to experience a true Philly cheesesteak that the locals go to get - GO THERE. Unlike the more famous places Leo's does not live off of a famous name like Pats or Genos, so they try harder. Massive quantities of top notch thinly shaved rib-eye - not the thick chewy slabs like Genos does nor the cheap "Steak-Um" style stuff at Slacks and some of the others. This is the best. Great rolls too. If you're in the area let me know and I'll take you there myself. End of review.


  1. Man, I love a good cheesesteak. We have one really good joint nearby that makes 'em. And the local sandwich shop in town makes one, but I haven't tried it yet. Soon...

  2. next time i am in philly, i'll be using the search this blog button in order to find this post again. thanks in advance!