Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mrs. Hall Recommends

Welcome to Mrs. Hall Recommends; where I share what to eat, drink and enjoy. Let's begin with Basil Hayden's bourbon whiskey.

I'm a big believer that women should never ask for wine coolers or weak drinks. It takes practice though. If you only drink fruity drinks, I suggest starting with Captain Morgan and diet coke. It's nice transition to booze like Basil Hayden's.

To drink this, fill a glass with ice. Pour. Take a minute for the alcohol to chill. This will take the bark out of the bite. Then, sip. At first, it may be a bit jarring or rough on the palate. Power through this. After a few sips, everything comes together. Your mouth goes a bit numb, yet the taste buds remain intact.

Just a side note: I don't suggest drinking this at a barbecue or other social gathering. This is the good stuff. It's meant to be experienced. Not gobbled while you chat about your pedicure. I drink this after the kids have gone to bed, when Mr. Hall and I are alone. We lounge on the leather couch, watching a movie. Shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, holding hands.

Then, after a while, things start to change. At least for me. The booze soaks in, permeating my perceptions. My vertical hold becomes a bit fuzzy. My worries are hushed and my frenetic, forward motion is slowed. I don't fight this, I let it all happen.

At this point, the taste really starts to come through. The experience is almost complete. As I roll it around in my mouth; the golden spices linger, coating the inside. The bite is all gone now, nothing but warm nuzzles.

Somewhere around this point, I realize my toes are a bit numb. That's when I stop.

Take care everyone and happy drinking to you!

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  1. I love all the small batch bourbons produced out the Jim Beam distillery, including Knob Creek, Baker's and Booker's. But Basil Hayden's, at 80 proof, is easily the smoothest. Well done, Holly!