Monday, July 25, 2011

Greetings and Salutations

Since I haven't been blogging much lately, I decided that the best way to remedy that was to start ANOTHER blog. Silly wabbit.

Actually, I've been planning this blog for quite a while now.  I even wrote about it on The Verdant Dude several months ago, but I've been too lazy to get it going.  Now is the time. Simmer, Sip, Share is the place.  What's with the name? Nothing really.  I just wanted it encompass everything that I hope will be written about on this site. Cooking, eating, drinking and sharing those gastronomical delights with the rest of the Blogosphere.

So expect food recipes, drink recipes, restaurant and bar reviews and really anything at all that any of the contributors would like to share that has to do with food or drink.

What's that you say? Contributors? Hell, yes! I don't plan on doing this all by myself.  So I've sent invites out to some folks who expressed some interest in joining this collaboration.  For that's what cooking, eating and drinking is to me.  A collaboration amongst friends and family.

So add us to your feed reader, tell your friends, chat us up on Facebook or Twitter or whatever social media platform is your particular brand of whiskey.  And join us as we simmer, sip and share our experiences with you.

And if anyone out there would like to join in, let me know here in the comments.  I'll send you out an invite to join our merry band of funsters pronto.

It should be a fun ride.